• Have you done everything you can to be healthy and are yet to see any real change or progress?  

  • Has your heart said one thing, your mind another and you can't seem to move forward ?  

  • Do you have goals/dreams and year to year haven't been able to accomplish them?

  • If you answered, “yes”, to any of these questions there is an easier, faster and more enjoyable way to achieve your goals and desires. Up to now eliminating pain, heartache and low self-esteem through years of therapy was a frustrating and sad reality for most. Thousands of people have discovered a better way. Today they're living proof that the life-altering process of distance healing, through master healer Barbara Robins, delivers real and permanent change.

    "...The energy work offered by Barbara and the Yuen Method is the most powerful energy work I have seen to help heal and release things from the physical body. The results are immediate ..."
    ~ Bill Austin, Denver, CO USA ~

    Curiosity has brought you to this page. So get your feet wet and explore ! If you're skeptical or new to energy healing let your comfort level guide you. S imply observe others as they transition from pain to peace. Read transcripts of actual healing sessions, listen to radio show interviews where callers request and receive healings on the spot, get the basics on how the Yuen Method/Into This Moment energy healing works.


    Go beyond the hype and learn the truth behind Into
    This Moment and the Yuen Method.

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    Over the years Barbara's methods have been displayed on
    LIVE radio and in online healing sessions . These
    remarkable sessions have been recorded so
    that you can now view the results yourself.

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    How does Into This Moment compare to other healing
    energy modalities such as Reiki, Neuraltherapy,
    BodyTalk, QuantumTouch, etc.?  

    Learn The Difference


    Zemira is a derivitive of Barbara's family surname.
    Get to know more about Barbara.

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    Does this process hurt? Are the results permanent?
    Get these answers and more, to the questions everyone is asking about Barbara's unique method of healing.

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    Curious about the results and benefits others have experienced through Barbara's healing sessions?
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    Take a peek at what's got the Healing
    Community buzzing

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    Chakra Balancing
    Silent Healing

    Learn More About Silent Recorded Healing


     Listen to this message from  an energy healing skeptic.  Then enter your name/email address below to discover the Ultimate Multi-Dimensional Toolbox. You will be so glad you did.
            Barbara Robins


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