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Dear Reader,
The idea that you could capture the energy of healing vibrations fascinated me, so I produced a CD in which I embedded my healing vibrations. The results were truly astonishing!

That was several years ago. Since then I have created energy vibration recordings for very specific needs, based on the requests of my clients. I encourage you to read the testimonials of the people who have used these recordings to change their lives.

Easily and effortlessly, each time you play one of these Timeless Vibrations™ Energy Healing Mp3s or CDs you receive a deeper level of healing, clearing and releasing of old issues. Talk about an effortless way to better your life- Just Click and Play. It's that simple!
The Timeless Vibrations™ titles are listed in the right side column. Click on them to read descriptions and to purchase.

You can also contact me for a Timeless Vibratons individual session.
Enjoy the Energy,

Barbara Robins




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"Our Stress Disappeared"

We brought my Dad home from the hospital yesterday & I subtly played the "Transitions" CD a few times when the stress was kicking in. It seems to work really well. My Mom even e-mailed today to say how well settled things were already, etc.
Donna W, Illinois


"I Increased Sales by 15%"

Barbara's healing CDs are magical! The Attracting Clients CD increased my sales by at least 15 percent.
I got one of these for two friends. One of them doubled the number of clients coming to her for healing sessions. The other noticed a sizable increase in the number of students she attracted for her healing workshops.
I also really enjoy the Custom one Barbara made for me for my daily corrections. I do energy work on myself and for others and I play this one at least once a day to stay tuned up.
I love these CDs so much that I keep them running in the background when I am home and by myself... it really helped me hardwire in these powerful frequencies.
Bill Austin
St Petersburg, FL

"Now We Talk Without Fighting"

"Every time my husband and I used to talk it ended up in a fight.  Since I've been listening to the Family CD (Holiday Healing) every day my husband and I are able to talk about family without getting into a fight."


  "90% Symptom Free with Bounce Back"

Judy, California

"Play These Continuously if you Want a BIG Difference"

My husband downloaded iTunes for me and you're's very user friendly.  I like the fact that you can select one or more things to repeat.  I, of course put all of your MP3s on repeat.  I DO notice a big difference by playing them constantly.
Margaret M., Florida

"Perfect Aura Reading"

I just have to write and tell you about my results using the Chakra CD I purchased a couple weeks ago.
I have been using it every day and just attended an Aura Exploration lecture.  After the lecture I had the speaker do an aura reading for me.  She was nearly speechless - she had never seen a reading like mine - it was a perfect reading. It wasn't until the next day I realized that aura reading was caused by my use of the Chakra CD. Now I know why I had felt euphoric the last couple weeks!!
Thank you so much - you have changed my life in so many ways!!
Joy R.
National City, California



"My Husband Wakes Up Refreshed & Energetic"

Each time I played the Sleep Well CD my husband would come up to me and ask what I was listening to because he kept hearing doors opening and closing. I told him the CD I was listening to was silent so he couldn't possibly be hearing anything from it. He continued to hear the doors opening and closing each time I played the CD until one day, his sleep patterns changed. He doesn't hear the doors anymore but now he wakes up refreshed and energetic in the morning.
American Canyon, California


"Beating Cancer "

I believe your treatments this week helped me "break through" the cloud of indecision and grief and fear around cancer and sickness.
I had the best day I've had in a long time today while playing the Cancer Healing CD.   I hit rock bottom yesterday and wept on and off all day...but listening to the CD has definitely made me more hopeful.  Now I see that I must live differently because my body is teaching me to let stuff out.... this is a breakthrough and I again feel like curing cancer is possible.
Thank you,


"My Focus Held for 2 1/2 Hours"

After listening to the Attention, Focus and Info Retention CD and transferring the vibrations into my watch with the Radionics card I was able to sit through a 2 1/2 hour Statistics test. And to my surprise I got an A on that test!
New Berlin, Wisconsin



"This is the Best I've Felt in Over a Year"

Barbara - I have to say I haven't felt this balanced in over a year. I've tried many different types of healing for this problem (including traditional therapy) and have never responded so positively and so quickly as I have to your Q60+ program. Thank you so very very much.
Hyojin Kim


"After Playing the CD Nonstop for a Week we had More Business than We could Handle."

Joe, Peoria, IL


"Fibromyalgia Symptoms Decrease"

"I am still listening to the Clearing Off World Diseases CD to help with my fibromyalgia symptoms. I felt much better, energy wise, and body pain wise, even though my allergies were quite aggressive. This "intermission" of energy has soothed my soul, and keeps me going."
Thank you,
Ontario, Canada


"Texture of Skin Improved"

Since I began listening to the Custom CD, the texture of my skin seems to have improved. My breakouts are also diminished. I have to say it was amusing, because one of my friends here also works at a dermatology office & she kept trying to figure out how this could be happening without something topical.
Island Lake, IL


"I Felt a lot of Deep Shifts Taking Place"

When my friend told me about this, I was skeptical but after she ran the Q60+ for myself for an hour, I became a believer. I felt a lot of deep shifts taking place during that time and felt the same sort of sensations that I get when I am deeply clearing cellular memory or reprogramming my DNA. What this program does is scan your energy fields and systems for energetic weaknesses and then it transmits energies to bring everything that is weak back into balance. It is very kewl!!! When I checked within, I got that this was something that would benefit not only myself but also my clients as well.
Bill Austin



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Timeless Vibrations®
Healing Mp3s & CDs

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Basics Collection (vol 1)
Feng Shui
Life of Effortless Ease
Meditation Portal

Abundance & Business Collection (vol 1)
Abundance & Success
Attracting Clients
Person - Product Harmonizing
Transform Money Relationshp

Emotions Collection (vol 1)
Anger, Bitterness & Resentment Resolution
Depression Healing
Feeling Unconditionally Loved
Stress & Tenstion Relief

Physical Collection (vol 1)
Bounce Back
Cancer & Tumor Clearing
Clear Off World Diseases
Fabulous Body, Ideal Weight
Sleep Well
Spinal Alignment

Relationship Collection (v1)
Attracting True Love
Family/Holiday Healing
Healthy Relationships

Self Collection (vol 1)
Attention, Focus
Awaken and Remember
Habits & Addictions Healing
Intuitive Thinking
Release from Mind Control

Custom Healing Sets Customized Just for You
Your Master Blueprint

For Healing Professionals

Millionaire Mind Roots Support

Differences Between
the Mp3 and CD

  • Each CD plays for 45 minutes. Mp3s play for 1 minute and contain the identical healing vibrations as the CD. This means it takes less time to receive the healing with the Mp3.
  • Repeatedly play an Mp3 in a few minutes to receive deeper and deeper levels of healing. The healing you receive from playing the CD for 4 hours takes just 5 minutes with the Mp3.
  • Easily transfer the Mp3s to an iPod or other Mp3 player. Would you rather carry 1 iPod with 32 Mp3s or 32 CDs? The Mp3s on an iPod are great when traveling to work or on a vacation.
  • The Mp3s are immediately downloadable after purchase. The CDs are snail mailed to you, incur shipping charges and cost $10 more than the Mp3s.
  • The Mp3s take up less space in your room and on your computer.

  • Download the iTunes Free Mp3 Player for PC or Mac

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