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  Judy from California reports on her success using the Bounce Back healing set.

"...after playing the Bounceback mp3 the Shingles nerve pain disappeared..." ~Cress Spicer

  Tracy in California talks about her sugar cravings disappearing with use of the Fabulous Body/Ideal Weight Mp3.

"Each time I played the Sleep Well CD my husband would come up to me and ask what I was listening to because he kept hearing doors opening and closing. I told him the CD I was listening to was silent so he couldn't possibly be hearing anything from the CD. He continued to hear the doors opening and closing each time I played the CD until one day, his sleep patterns changed. He doesn't hear the doors anymore but now he wakes up refreshed and energetic in the morning."

Carmen, American Canyon,

To treat this woman's cancer and the side effects of chemotherapy we have been using the Q60+ session and the Cancer Healing Set.


I wanted to let you know that I am playing the cancer healing cd everyday and that I had the best day I've had in a long time today, more hopeful. I hit rock bottom yesterday and wept on and off all day... now I see that I must live differently because my body is teaching me to let stuff out.... this is a breakthrough and I again feel like curing cancer is possible.

I believe your treatments this week helped me "break through" the cloud of indecision and grief and fear around cancer and sickness.

Thank you,


"I am still listening to the Clearing Off World Diseases CD to help with my fibromyalgia symptoms. I felt much better, energy wise, and body pain wise, even though my allergies were quite aggressive. This "intermission" of energy has soothed my soul, and keeps me going."

Thank you,
Johanne Ontario,

Bounce Back

For fast recovery from physical ailments.
  • antibacterial
  • antiviral
  • antiparasitic
  • antitumor properties
Microorganisms can change from a neutral form into various potentially harmful forms through environmental influences and cyclical changes. However, when the biological terrain of the body improves, regaining it's equilibrium, it can cause the harmful forms to return to their original neutral condition. This facilitates healing.

When the vibrations of the Remedies that are on this Mp3 contact destructive microbial masses, the masses are induced to return to their neutral form, and then leave the body through the natural organs of elimination. This optimization set is programmed to release the vibrations of 69 pleomorphic remedies in a synergistic pattern so there is no overload and no canceling effect.

The vibrations on this Mp3 are based on isopathics, immunomodulators and haptens. They:

  • Address the mutability of microbial forms and the patient's internal milieu at various stages throughout the treatment process..
  • Stimulate the immune system to get rid of old cells and destroy foreign particles and microorganisms.


For maintaining deeper fuller breathing. Great when you are feeling under pressure and for those who practice Yoga, Qi Gong, etc.

Cancer & Tumor Clearing Vibrations

Whether or not you have cancer or a tumor the best way to know if this optimization set is for you is if your intuition/gut feeling says it is, or to muscle test/dowse to see if it is. I'd be happy to test this and any other healing set for you. Let me know.

This helps with the emotional challenges one may experience, the regeneration and rebuilding of normal cells and contains the vibrations for these known cancer killers:
    • Iscador,a homeopathic
    • Fucoidan, a complex of polysacarides found in brown seaweed
    • Graviola Tree, leaves, stems and seed extracts
    • AHCC, an extract of hybridized medical mushrooms
    • Lactoferrin, an iron-binding protein
    • MCP, a sugar molecule that blocks the cancer cell's binding ability
    • Guacatonga Tree, clerodane diterpenoids in the plant may kill cancer cells by damaging their DNA
    • Silymarin, a constituent of milk thistle and artichokes
    • Pancreatic Proteolytic Enzymes

Clear Off World Diseases & Implants

Some people have said that some of our maladies are not from this planet. I personally believe we are not alone in the universe. In the live sessions I've done for clients sometimes it comes up to do optimizations for off world diseases and implants. When this Timeless Vibrationsset was in the testing phase it would come up from time to time to use it on people. You see, just like with homeopathics, it doesn't matter what the remedy says it's for, if it tests as beneficial for you then you use it.

Fabulous Body, Ideal Weight

This optimization set addresses all the underlying emotional issues and patterns affecting your weight as well as your body's physical processing of food, including Metabolic Syndrome issues. It optimizes you for easily and effortlessly reaching and maintaining your ideal weight and body form. Also, it aligns you to the foods that are beneficial for you while decreasing your interest in the foods that aren't so good for you. Everything you look at to eat automatically gets energetically enlivened and purified to serve your body's needs. And, while it's doing all that it also works on improving the condition and appearance of your skin, hair, nails and muscle tone.

This is not a magic bullet for weight loss. Check with me to see if this will be beneficial for you.

Sleep Well

45 minutes of silent optimizing vibrations for restful, fulfilling sleep. This Timeless Vibrations set focuses on clearing the blocks and resistances you have to getting the quality sleep you need so you will feel refreshed when you wake up to start your day. Also focuses on reestablishing normal circadian rhythms from Jet Lag or Delayed Sleep-phase Syndrome.

Spinal Alignment

Energetic optimizations for your central nervous system including vertebra, spinal cord, cerebral spinal fluid, spinal nerves and discs, dural canal, meninges, cranial nerves, and overall structural alignment. And, more than simply your phyiscal being this brings you into alignment with the greater you, outside of your physical body.


For greater feeling of loving affection. Play this when you haven't had enough affection and when you've had too much ( like when your child is sick and clingy to you.) I played this CD when I was in the midst of some frustrating work (tech problem with my computer) it decreased my stress level almost immediately. 45 minutes of healing vibrations accompanied by slightly mysterious single note pad with Shaku flute. Mp3 is silent.

 Sample of the Music on the CD


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Differences Between
the Mp3 and CD

  • Each CD plays for 45 minutes. Mp3s play for 1 minute and contain the identical healing vibrations as the CD. This means it takes less time to receive the healing with the Mp3.
  • Repeatedly play an Mp3 in a few minutes to receive deeper and deeper levels of healing. The healing you receive from playing the CD for 4 hours takes just 5 minutes with the Mp3.
  • Easily transfer the Mp3s to an iPod or other Mp3 player. Would you rather carry 1 iPod with 32 Mp3s or 32 CDs? The Mp3s on an iPod are great when traveling to work or on a vacation.
  • The Mp3s are immediately downloadable after purchase. The CDs are snail mailed to you, incur shipping charges and cost $10 more than the Mp3s.
  • The Mp3s take up less space in your room and on your computer.
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