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Hi Barbara!

I just have to write and tell you about my results using the Chakra CD I purchased from you a couple weeks ago. I have been using it every day since I received it but wasn't consciously measuring or evaluating myself for changes. Over the weekend I happened to attended an Aura Exploration lecture as a favor to a friend. After the lecture, we each got to have an aura reading by this sophisticated computer program. When the lecturer gave me my reading she was nearly speechless - she had never seen a reading like mine - my reading was a template for a perfect reading. It wasn't until the next day I realized that aura reading was caused by my use the Chakra CD. Now I know why I had felt euphoric the last couple weeks!!

Thank you so much - you have changed my life in so many ways!!

Joy R. National City,

Thought I'd let you know we brought my Dad home yesterday & I subtly played the "Transitions" CD a few times when the stress was kicking in. It seems to work really well. My Mom even e-mailed today to say how well settled things were already, etc.

Donna W, Illinois




This healing set optimizes, balances, centers and stabilizes your chakras, meridians, nadis, aura, and merkaba. It's great to use every day.

Feng Shui

Everybody lives and works somewhere. That means that at some point, on some level, the space you work and live in can get in disarray. This healing set strengthens, coordinates and balances the energy of our multi dimensional self along with our 3-D environment so all dimensions are working in harmony. The way the corrections are laid down on this healing set is also in accordance with Feng Shui principles.

Life of Effortless Ease

As I was taking in the sounds and wonders of a picturesque mountain stream I thought of making this healing set. Play it when you'd like your life to feel easier and more effortless.

Meditation Portal

An invitation to openness. This healing set for spiritual clarity amplifies your meditation experience by opening and optimizing your channels of intuitive understanding, and aligns you with 10th Dimension master guides.


From home to vacation. From work to play. From wedding to divorce. From the birth of a child to the death of a loved one. From a promotion to starting a new business. From waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night. Everything in life is based on transition. The success you achieve in life is almost entirely based on how well or how poorly you handle the transitions. This healing aligns you to the process for ease and acceptance of the experience.




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Differences Between
the Mp3 and CD

  • Each CD plays for 45 minutes. Mp3s play for 1 minute and contain the identical healing vibrations as the CD. This means it takes less time to receive the healing with the Mp3.
  • Repeatedly play an Mp3 in a few minutes to receive deeper and deeper levels of healing. The healing you receive from playing the CD for 4 hours takes just 5 minutes with the Mp3.
  • Easily transfer the Mp3s to an iPod or other Mp3 player. Would you rather carry 1 iPod with 32 Mp3s or 32 CDs? The Mp3s on an iPod are great when traveling to work or on a vacation.
  • The Mp3s are immediately downloadable after purchase. The CDs are snail mailed to you, incur shipping charges and cost $10 more than the Mp3s.
  • The Mp3s take up less space in your room and on your computer.
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