"Yuen's approach is fantastic and your expansion of it
is extra overdrive to make it even easier and more powerful!"
~ Felix C., California


English and Español!

    emm 1

 "Every time I went to the
  Yuen classes page my spiritual
  guides said "No, that's not it.
  Finally I came across Barbara's
  stuff and they were like "Ding,
  ding, ding, ding, ding. That's it!"

              ~ Jack Bennett, SRT  
                 South Carolina, USA 

Relationship of
ITM & the Yuen Method

Matrix, Yuen
and Into This Moment

Into This Moment 1
Home Study Course

Say Goodbye to
Antiquated Healing Modalities
that Take a Long Time and Don't Really Work

Get immediate results for you and others
Utilizing Vibrational Resonance Commands™
to return your quantum energy to its optimal state.

Distance healing with on the spot results. At the forefront of energy wellness training, this course shows you how to shift subconscious programming. Access that information faster by bypassing your blind spots, mental editors, and conscious awareness., You connect directly to True Awareness.

You will easily learn to turn on and off your bioenergetic switches to feel better immediately. You will be able to help your family and friends as well as yourself. And, enjoy unsurpassed new skill and empowerment from this very first course.

Into This Moment Quantum Optimizations is more than a healing system. It is to:

    . Awaken your creativity so you can access out of the box healing solutions
    . Develop your symbolic/pictorial languaging for faster recognition of non-verbal messages
    . Expand your sensitivity to your own intuitive awareness

A great course for non-healers as well as seasoned practitioners. Even 12 year olds easily learn it. Prerequisites

"I love the flexibility of Into This Moment healing, its speed and the empowerment it gives people in creating health and well being. Above all I love how it, and Barbara make healing fun!"

Leigh Russell Jr., Massachusetts

            What You Receive:

      • Clear, simple to follow written instructions
      • All the vital information we give in our live 2 day workshop
      • 30 reference/testing charts. Same ones from 2 day workshop.
      • 2 Q&A sessions with energy optimizations running in the background.
      • Access to archive of over 100 Monthly Student/Grad Practice Sessions
      • Email support as needed

        <== Listen

Order Below


"I have never found anything so fast and simple and easy and non-confusing."

Patrice, Pasadena, California
Yuen Method Practitioner

 In this audio Patrice talks about using her pendulum with the ITM 1 chart pages in a very unique way. If you like using a pendulum this may surprise you as well. This is about 4 1/2 minutes long.

"Your new Home Study Course is quite magnificent! I have gone through it twice, it's mindblowing."

Ersilia Vitale, Australia

Yuen Method Practitioner

"I'm thrilled with the course already, I' ve had a healing in my right eye and digestive system has settled down, my energy level is much better today also. Thank you so much for making this available to us so we can work on self as well as others. "

Theresa Platzer, Lumsden, SK
Yuen Method Practitioner

"I liked using your symbols from memory because I could do it without having to get any charts or identifying any energetic "weaknesses." I did it quickly and without giving it much time, effort, or thought! Cool, huh?"

Marilyn, California

Yuen Method Practitioner

"I highly recommend this course to anyone simply for the sake of knowledge and serenity. The personal, social and professional shifts you can experience as a result are a benefit that simply cannot be measured. (They say those who have issues major in psychology. I say take this class first! "


Here's some of what you'll be able to do
with Into This Moment 1 Home Study Training:

      . Increase Confidence

      . Eliminate Physical Pain

      .Correct Money/Finance Issues

      . Improve Relationships

      . Release Creative Blocks

      . Resolve Learning Problems

      . Eliminate Stress, Anxiety and Tension

      . Clear Fears, Phobias and More...

    ...all with FUN and ENJOYMENT


Home Study Course Agreement

1. The information presented in this home study course is for educational purposes. It is not to replace the care of a medical professional.

2. I agree that the information I am receiving in this home study course is to be used for the betterment of all. Maintaining high personal integrity increases my intuitive sensitivity and healing ability. I will honor and respect all copyrights, servicemarks and trademarks.

3. I affirm that until I am certified as an Into This Moment Quantum Optimizations Instructor I will not teach or distribute home study or workshop content to any individual or group. Instead, I will refer people to ZemiraHealing.com.

By completing my order for this Into This Moment Home Study Course I affirm
that I have read the above and agree to its terms and conditions.



~ An invitation to our monthly student only live tele-practice sessions and private facebook group. You’ll get to know the community of ITM students, have your questions answered, practice with your peers and learn much more than you’d learn by yourself. (Value: $597 USD/year)

~ Access to our private student call replay archive with over  50 hours of insights, answers, and healing optimizations. We come up with new protocols all the time. You will not find this information anywhere else. (Value: $1997 USD)

~ Personal individual attention from founder, Barbara Robins. Barbara makes time in her schedule every week to help her students. "I don't quit until you succeed!"( Value: $565 USD)


ORDER Into This Moment 1

JUST $247 ($1200 Value)

This eBook is printable.
Less than 50 pages.

*$277 includes printing. Shipping additional. This is NOT hard bound.

ebook Test - If you aren't sure you can view or print the eBook download this pdf (23 KB)

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Hold Apple (Command) key and click on "ebook Test"

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Right Click, select Save As

Make sure you have the most current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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MWAH!!!! A big hug and kiss to you for putting this wonderful package together. An answer to my prayers for sure!! I was so thrilled with these materials that I was actually squealing as I paged through the file. Thank you thank you thank you! It is PRICELESS .

With tremendous love and gratitude,
Karen, Colorado

Yuen Method Practitioner

text for alignment only

Save $47 - Order BOTH
ITM 1 & 2 Home Study Courses

You will also be placed on Barbara's 24/7 Healing Program* for 3 months! (a $75 value)

JUST $447

*$507 includes printing. Shipping additional. This is NOT hard bound.
Click for ITM 2 Info

*24/7 Healing Program
For Accelerated Manifestation

The 24/7 program has several aspects to it that are very helpful for accelerated manifestation.

    It activates and aligns you with your own angelic Task Support team which focuses on helping you with your personal daily tasks, moment by moment.

    It activates and aligns you with your own Money Prosperity team. This is a personalized group of other dimensional financial planners that psychically advise you on how to create more wealth according to your current and projected life's mission, based on your akashic and other records.

    It works in a way that clears obstacles from in front of you so you can move forward more quickly with ease.

Those who are already using this 24/7 Program find they have a more positive viewpoint, and things they have been trying to move forward on but were stuck, are now happening. Some have also found they have more ideas of how and what to accomplish than they had before. They have also experienced a general sense of things manifesting at a faster rate.

The 24/7 program is a subscription program that runs for you from my office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 30 days

I've been running it for myself since 2/06 and even now, if I stop it for myself, I immediately notice a "winding down" so I always put it right back on.

When you made the announcement of the home study course I had a strong intuitive guidance to go for it, but after the first Q&A I was wondering why in the world I ordered it because it just didn't seem like something I jived with at all... I have been going through a lot of "stuff" and the way the events "unfolded" --- the moment I heard what you had to say at the beginning of the second Q&A was perfect for me. God is good, and I am now seeing how useful and important it was for me to purchase the course.

Thank you SO much!! I am so very thankful and excited that you brought this through and made it available via home-study.

Looking forward for more wonderful things to come!

~Tony Harshbarger, Wichita, Kansas

"With this technique it's fun to work on myself."
Paul Gardner, Wisconsin

"I highly recommend Into This Moment Workshops for therapists and energetic practitioners who are serious about continuing to learn new ways of looking at the issues being presented by clients...The material provided in Into This Moment training offers a new, important look at the possibilities."

Martha Smith, Certified Yuen Method Practitioner


*$277 includes printing. Shipping additional. This is NOT hard bound.
Save $47 - Order BOTH
ITM 1 & 2 Home Study Courses

Includes BONUS!

*$507 includes printing. Shipping additional. This is NOT hard bound.

~ More about Workshops and Home Study Courses ~

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