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Home Study Course:
The Multi-Dimensional Tool Box

"Every time I teach this material in a workshop setting I say to my students 'Ok, roll up your sleeves. It's time to really get deep. This is like Healing Grad School.'

When you first see the ITM 2 manual you might think it's thin but if you could weigh the information on each page it would be 5-10+ times more than the weight of each ITM 1 page."

                   Barbara Robins
                       ITM Founder

ITM 2 Home Study Course

"Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!"
Learn accelerated protocols.

In This Course We Cover:

Belief System Repair
Healing Systems Networking
Recovering Your Ability to Love
The Multi-Dimensional Toolbox
How to Resolve Difficult Cases
Earth Healing
...and more!

"This course will give you skills beyond
what you have imagined!"


You Will Receive:

    • Clear, simple to follow written instructions
    • All the vital information and testing charts from the 2 day workshop
    • Book of Informative Case Histories written by Barbara Robins
    • Recorded Q&A session with energy corrections running in the background.
    • Monthly Tele-Practice Sessions Archive
    • Email support as needed
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Home Study Course Agreement

1. The information presented in this home study course is for educational purposes. It is not to replace the care of a medical professional.

2. I agree that the information I am receiving in this home study course is to be used for the betterment of all. Maintaining high personal integrity increases my intuitive sensitivity and healing ability. I will honor and respect all copyrights, servicemarks and trademarks.

3. I affirm that until I am certified as an Into This Moment Quantum Optimizations Instructor I will not teach or distribute home study or workshop content to any individual or group. Instead, I will refer people to ZemiraHealing.com.

By completing my order for this Into This Moment Home Study Course I affirm
that I have read the above and agree to its terms and conditions.


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*277 includes printing. Shipping additional. This is NOT hard bound.


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ITM 1 and 2
Home Study Courses

You will also be placed on Barbara's 24/7 Healing Program* for 3 months! (a $75 value)

JUST $447

*$507 includes printing. Shipping additional. This is NOT hard bound.

*24/7 Healing Program

The 24/7 program has several aspects to it that are very helpful for accelerated manifestation.

    It activates and aligns you with your own angelic Task Support team which focuses on helping you with your personal daily tasks, moment by moment.

    It activates and aligns you with your own Money Prosperity team. This is a personalized group of other dimensional financial planners that psychically advise you on how to create more wealth according to your current and projected life's mission, based on your akashic and other records.

    It works in a way that clears obstacles from in front of you so you can move forward more quickly with ease.

Those who have been using this program find they have a more positive viewpoint, things they have been trying to move forward on but have been stuck are now happening, you might have more ideas of how and what to accomplish than you had before, and you might get a general sense of things speeding up for you.

The 24/7 program is a subscription program that runs from my office for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 30 days and is automatically renewed on the 1st of the month. It may be canceled at any time.

So far everyone who has been on this program has experienced positive results. I've been running it for myself since 2/06 and even now if I stop it for myself I immediately notice a difference so I always put it right back on.

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