Everybody has a song in them. We're not talking about a song you'd sing while driving or in the shower. We're talking about the song that represents your true self. Your vibration. Your frequency. Once you dial into it, you immediately unleash your contribution to the world by being who you are meant to be. The pathway to serving your mission and purpose on Earth becomes clear and effortless and,enjoyable. That's releasing the song of the body. Release your song through one of Barbara's popular and groundbreaking programs.


Did you know you can easily and quickly heal yourself? Imagine being able to personally heal your own challenges and pain as well as the challenges and pain of those you love. Dive into your own empowerment and imagination becomes reality with Into This Moment Workshops. They are regarded as one of the most comprehensive and impactful programs of their kind in the world, and they're also affordable and easy to attend.

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There are many programs that teach you to heal. There is only one set of in-depth healing home study courses that accelerates and simplifies the process for creating permanent change in your life as well as the lives of others. The Into This Moment Home Study series teaches you a simple formula for eliminating stress, pain and anxiety from your life. Healing has never been more fun, fast or life changing.
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By using and refining the Yuen Method in her healing practice, Barbara makes it faster, more powerful and easier to practice. Learn Barbara's secrets so you too can take the Yuen Method to new heights.
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