Timeless Vibrations
*The Complete Collection - Volume 1*

Hi Barbara!

I just have to write and tell you about my results using the Chakra CD I purchased from you a couple weeks ago. I have been using it every day since I received it but wasn't consciously measuring or evaluating myself for changes. Over the weekend I happened to attended an Aura Exploration lecture as a favor to a friend. After the lecture, we each got to have an aura reading by this sophisticated computer program. When the lecturer gave me my reading she was nearly speechless - she had never seen a reading like mine - my reading was a template for a perfect reading. It wasn't until the next day I realized that aura reading was caused by my use the Chakra CD. Now I know why I had felt euphoric the last couple weeks!!

Thank you so much - you have changed my life in so many ways!!

Joy R. National City,

Thought I'd let you know we brought my Dad home yesterday & I subtly played the "Transitions" CD a few times when the stress was kicking in. It seems to work really well. My Mom even e-mailed today to say how well settled things were already, etc.

Donna W, Illinois


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That's all a thing of the past.
Now you can have all 32 Timeless Vibrations Vol 1 healing sets ready to load onto your Mp3 player or play on your computer.

Each Mp3 healing set contains 45 minutes of healing corrections compressed into 1 minute of play time! And, as always, you don't have to "listen" to them. The energy signals broadcast out from the Mp3 player - no headset needed!

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*iPod not included.

Timeless Vibrations Volume 1 Includes:

Feng Shui
Life of Effortless Ease
Meditation Portal

Abundance & Success
Attracting Clients
Person to Product Harmonizing
Transform Your Relationship with Money

Anger, Bitterness and Resentment Resolution
Depression Healing Vibrations
Feeling Unconditionally Loved
Stress and Tension Relief

Bounce Back
Cancer & Tumor Clearing Vibrations
Clear Off World Diseases & Implants
Sleep Well
Spinal Alignment
Weight Loss

Attracting True Love
Family/Holiday Healing
Healthy Relationships

Attention, Focus and Information Retention
Awaken and Remember
Habits and Addictions Healing Vibrations
Independence & Inner Resource Activation
Intuitive Thinking
Release from Mind Control


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** Mp3s play for 1 minute ** and contain the same healing vibrations that are on the CDs.




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