Custom Timeless Vibrations

The texture of my skin seems to have improved. My breakouts are also diminished. I have to say it was amusing, because one of my friends here also works at a dermatology office & she kept trying to figure out how this could be happening without something topical.

Donna, Island Lake, IL

Custom Optimizations Just for You

A 45 minute set of healing vibrations for one or multiple concerns. This is great for chronic or ongoing problems or, for your regular daily needs. The healing focuses on your current concerns, known by you or your higher self. The optimizations are coordinated with divine right order and divine right timing. This is most beneficial for a period of 2 months. This is because you change alot in that time so your current needs are different after that amount of time. The Mp3 will be emailed to you.

Update for Custom Healing Set

Healing vibrations for your custom healing set to cover a new set of 2-3 months. You will not need a replacement CD as I can remotely add new healing vibrations to what you already have. $89

Your Master Blueprint

This supports your highest growth for who you are becoming by aligning your acting blueprint with you at your full potential. It optimizes you to be the master you can be and increases self love, personal magnetism and courage. It attracts opportunities to you that suit you at your best, and, triggers the awakening process for accelerated personal growth. This Mp3 will be emailed to you.

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** Mp3s play for 1 minute ** and contain the same healing vibrations that are on the CDs.




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