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Anger, Bitterness & Resentment Resolution

Some of the biggest things that keep us from moving forward are anger, bitterness and resentment. And, not only do they keep us stuck they keep those we are angry, etc at stuck as well. I can hear you thinking "Well, having them stuck is fine with me, they deserve it!" Maybe they do, but, do you deserve to be stuck? NO! You deserve a fantastic life! So leave anger, bitterness and resentment behind.


Healing vibrations for feeling content with your life, yet, maintaining passion and drive to reach for your dreams.

Depression Healing Vibrations

I usually have a little explanation of what these healing sets are for but this one doesn't need any beyond the title. Among other things this contains the vibrations for 137 neurotransmitters, neuromodulators, and hormones to help balance your moods.

Feeling Unconditionally Loved

This healing set contains 45 minutes of healing vibrations for those wanting to feel loved and accepted just as they are. These embedded vibrations are so extensive it's recommended you play it daily for up to one year to receive all its healing benefits.


This will help you to be more deeply thankful and more deeply enjoy. It is for things in general and for those things we "have to do" that we are not so keen on doing. Gratitude also opens the channels for greater abundance.

Stress and Tension Relief

45 minutes of silent healing vibrations to reduce stress and tension.


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** Mp3s play for 1 minute ** and contain the same healing vibrations that are on the CDs.

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Differences Between
the Mp3 and CD

  • Each CD plays for 45 minutes. Mp3s play for 1 minute and contain the identical healing vibrations as the CD. This means it takes less time to receive the healing with the Mp3.
  • Repeatedly play an Mp3 in a few minutes to receive deeper and deeper levels of healing. The healing you receive from playing the CD for 4 hours takes just 5 minutes with the Mp3.
  • Easily transfer the Mp3s to an iPod or other Mp3 player. Would you rather carry 1 iPod with 32 Mp3s or 32 CDs? The Mp3s on an iPod are great when traveling to work or on a vacation.
  • The Mp3s are immediately downloadable after purchase. The CDs are snail mailed to you, incur shipping charges and cost $10 more than the Mp3s.
  • The Mp3s take up less space in your room and on your computer.

  • Download the iTunes Free Mp3 Player for PC or Mac
    Download the iTunes Free Mp3 Player for PC or Mac

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