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Abundance & Success
After Session Cleanup
This AAP helps you to fully disconnect from those you interacted with in sessions, meetings, consultations, procedures, social gatherings. This is for beneficial whether you are the practitioner, client, or a highly sensitive person.
All Mother Issues
This is self explanatory, don't you think? Seriously, you do have issues with your mother or grandmother or the concept of "mother" even if you think you don't have any mother issues.
Anger, Bitterness & Resentment Resolution
Asthma Gone
Attention, Focus & Information Retention
Attracting Clients

Attracting True Love
This AAP is like an energetic makeover for you, clearing your blocks and resistances to love, and getting you on the right path so you'll "bump" into love effortlessly. A real issue here is trust. Trust that even if it takes longer than you wish, love will happen in perfect timing. Remember to be thankful when things don't happen because that might mean we have been saved from a crummy experience. To take the edge off, see My Harmonic Life Partner, below. It really helps single women when you are feeling stressed and edgy because your man is not in your life.

Awaken & Remember
Brain Lightning Vibrations
This healing set emits the vibrational intention that the developers of the vitamin product "Brain Lightning" desired for their product. It also contains frequencies the developers are not aware of, frequencies that compliment and supplement those already in the vitamin product. Just as we do not yet have a vibrational CD for food so we don't have to eat again, my CD does not replace the beneficial components that only a 3D vitamin offers. The CD does act in beneficial and dramatic ways that the the vitamin doesn't address.
Breakthrough Your Life Kryptonite/Jumpstart Your Wealth Gene

For times when you are feeling weak, depressed, feeling held back from accomplishing anything, like when Superman encounters kryptonite.
Breastfeeding Success
This is great even if you're not breastfeeding as it elevates the feeling good hormones.
Bounce Back
Cancer & Tumor Clearing
Cat Pees Only in Litter Box
Thinking big, no hesitation, capable of follow through, "YES I CAN", dissappointments recede to nothing, "I don't have to be afraid."



Circle Q
This healing set inhances creativity.

"I felt a lightness and bubbliness in my heart area; a lessening of tension and anxiety."
~ Kateri Meyer

"The Circle Q is very unique. It feels like a circular energy in my body and feels like connecting my first, second, and third chakras. I feel open and receptive and yes creative. It feels like it gives a healing to my inner child."
~ Cress Spicer

Clean House
Neutralizes bound thoughts and the discordant vibration of others in your home. Makes it easier to clearn your home and keep it clean. This is the home version of "Dr. Office Clearning." Use the Feng Shui Mp3 along with this for a more thorough clearing.
Clear Communication
Clear Off World Diseases & Implants
Cool Rushes
This is based on that exhilarated feeling one might have when beginning something new.
Custom Corrections
Update for Custom Healing Set This remotely updates your Custom Mp3/CD and is highly beneficial for up to 2 months.
Dental - Before Procedure Clearing
Energetic optimizations relating to the affected tooth/teeth so there is less pain or other side effects after your dental procedure.
Depression Healing Vibrations
Diamond Water Frequencies - plays for 5 minutes
Diamond Water is spring water which has had its vibrational rate accelerated; this allows it to access higher life and intelligence, making it available to respond to the user's intentions. Read more here about the actual water:
Doctor's Office Clearing
1. Clears/neutralizes all accumulated vibrations from past patients (fears, anxiety, etc.)
2. Clears/neutralizes other people's stuff that a patient holds about the doctor and/or the procedure they are about to experience.
3. When patient leaves it clears/neutralized all the vibrations that the patient left in the office. In the air, on furniture, and anything the patient touched, in the waiting room, treatment rooms, bathrooms every place the patient visited in your office.


Ecstatic Zing
"Barbara just played her Ecstatic Zing MP3 for both of us and OMG!!! WOW! I felt this powerful happy blissful energy rise up my torso and out the top of my head and then it spilled over my crown and we both began laughing hysterically and could not stop laughing!!! It felt wonderful!!! Half an hour later I feel energized and happy and peaceful at the same time.Thank you Barbara!"
~ Andrew Fischkol

EDTA Chelation
This healing set works at the energetic level to release heavy metals.
EDTA (EthyleneDiamineTetraAcetic Acid) is a synthetic amino acid related to vinegar. EDTA was developed by the Germans in 1931 to reverse heavy-metal poisoning from the ingestion of lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, and more.
Read more about Oral EDTA Chelation
Emerging from Catastrophe
This has helped many people recovering from Hurricane Katrina, and other widespread or personal catastrophes.


Enlightened Warrior Training Camp: Roots Support


Extreme Health: Roots Support

Fabulous Body, Ideal Weight
Facing Challenges
Facing challenges head on and in divine timing. Motivation, getting out of self judgement, clearing obstacles. Challenges are thought of and experienced as fun.

For all the issues people experience before, during and after holidays - depression, overwhelm, tension between family members, etc.

The CD comes with upbeat instrumental Christmas music. (Silent Night, Angels We Have Heard on High, Children Go Where I Send Thee... and 10 more)

CD can be played with the volume off to receive the optimizations silently. This AAP is also helpful throughout the year, anytime you are feeling overwhelmed with too much to do or have family relationship issues. Mp3 is silent or with music.
Cick title to hear music sample.

Feeling Unconditionally Loved
Feng Shui
For Men Only: Diffuse Anger/Overdrive

Freedom Trader Intensive: Roots Support

This is helpful at the beginning of any new venture, even the beginning of each new day. The vibration of Ganesha is alignment with success, and removal of obstacles, expansion of education, knowledge, wisdom and wealth.

Gemstone Elixir Frequencies

try this sample

Gem Elixirs contain the essence of the gem or crystal.
This is similar to flower essences. The frequencies
in the Timeless Vibrations Gem Elixir Mp3s and CDs
are the purest and highest quality gemstone frequencies.

Each gem vibration is amplified by the inclusion of Clear Quartz.


amber Amber Gem Elixir

Amber has special healing properties due to its high succinic acid. Amber attracts spiritual forces that enhance family bonding, help finding a soul mate and heighten instincts so life is more in harmony. Amber properties also include that if rubbed against cloth it will attract lint or dust. Amber is known to cleanse the environment, releases negativity. Amber soothes, calms and energises. Amber also increases clearness of thinking. It also enhances ones patience.


Amethyst Gem Elixir

Calms the mind, enhances mental activity and lends strength and will power to control passions and break undesirable habits.
Physical: Balances metabolism, stimulates tissue regeneration and increases the production of red corpuscles. May be used to treat disorders of blood sugar levels and lapses in the immune system.
Emotional: Amplifies thought, increases intuition and integrates emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to function as a single unit.


ametrineAmetrine Gem Elixir

Metaphysically its said to eliminate negative energy of the aura and stimulate the intellect. Ametrine helps find balance in both physical and spiritual activities. Ametrine is known as a gemstone that can relieve tension. It is also aids in developing creativity, balances stability in mental health and stimulates self confidence. Ametrine also is known to heal emotional exhaustion and also aids in releasing depression and releases blockages. Ametrine strengthens and aligns the body and therefore giving the body balance. Because Ametine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine, it can be used for meditation, as it gives a calming presence. It cleanses the body of negative energy therefore gives it the positivity it needs.

angel aura Angel Aura Gem Elixir

Opens oneself to divine knowledge, to stimulate deep spiritual experiences, to promote successful meditation, to aid in establishing a connection to one’s angels or guides, to bring love and light into any situation, to promote feelings of safety and security, to enhance Lovingkindness, to facilitate peace and calming, to mend broken relationships, to enhance forgiveness on oneself or of others, and to enhance compassionate attitudes.


Aqua Aura Quartz Gem Elixir

Clear quartz that has been molecularily bonded with 24K gold. This stone is sometimes referred to as the stone of manifestation. It assists one in bringing into physical form that which only exist in thought before.
Physical: Allowing spirit to work through whatever means that are presented to heal the body.
Emotional: Assists one in trusting spirit to manifest the necessary things to create the dreamed of reality – stepping out on faith knowing that all is well.

Azurite Gem Elixir

Stimulates psychic ability, provides a clear insight into all areas of life and assists one in verbalizing psychic experiences.
Physical: Helps to treat circulatory disorders, spinal mis-alignment, and enhances the flow of motion. It is helpful in relieving spasms and misinformation fed from the brain to the physical body.
Emotional: Assists one in imparting information to the masses that are a part of third dimensional reality and helping them move into awareness of other dimensional realities.


Carnelian Gem Elixir

Often referred to as the Master Communicator. It energizes the blood and enhances the functions of all eliminative organs. It vitalizes the physical/mental and emotional bodies. Aligns the etheric bodies and enhances attunement with inner self. Facilitates concentration and opens the heart. It is a warming and joyous gem.


Charoite Gem Elixir

Said to enhance self-esteem, enhance spiritual growth, and improves one’s ability to love. Charoite is known as a stone that enhances self acceptance as well as self love. Charoite is known to aid ones headache, heart and eye problems. It helps align the body. it also helps in bringing about intuition and clarity. Charoite stimulates consciousness Charoite helps in slowing you and aids in making sure you enjoy and experience day to day life.


Chrysocolla Gem Elixir

Enhances peace and tranquillity and emotional balancing and is prized in healing layout work and has strong Yin (female energy) Drussy Chrysocolla combines quartz and has fast healing effects. Musicans have historically worn this beautiful gemstone over the centuries. Chrysocolla is said to bring positivity into negative emotions therefore bringing harmony in ones life. Chrysocolla is a stone said to help bring acceptance and peace in the changing situations. This stone helps to cleanse ones aura.


Citrine Gem Elixir

Shields and protects the solar plexus. Tempers the energy of the power chakra, allowing for ease in dealing with others while maintaining your personal power.
Physical: Aids in digestion and elimination. Removes toxins and aids in regenerating the digestive system. It balances the thyroid and activates the thymus thereby allowing one to act from the purity of intent of the young in spirit; child like rather than childish.
Emotional: Increases contact with higher self and aids in the accomplishment of matters of daily living. Assists one in attracting those things necessary for life as the Gods that we truly are.


Emerald Gem Elixir

Aids in the development of keener insight into dreams and alleviates hidden fears. Stimulates the greater use of mental capacity in the healing of the body.
Physical: Treats disorders of the spine, muscles and over-all general healing of the physical body.
Emotional: Balances the heart chakra and aligns and quiets the emotional bodies. Brings harmony to all areas of ones life. Eliminates negativity and assits one in remaining centered during the practical nature of ones work.


Iolite Gem Elixir

Clears negative thought patterns, banished the blues and encourages one to be secure in oneself and face fear heads on.
Physical: Used to treat fever producing disorders and helps the body to produce regulatory chemicals in the correct proportions for healthy expression.
Emotional: Helps one to be in touch with and clear for communication with ones higher purpose. Eliminates feelings of being trapped on earth plane and opens one to living ones purpose.


Jade Green Gem Elixir

Generates divine unconditional love, assists one in being in touch with ones desires and building the bridges to create dreams into reality.
Physical: Assists one in being in touch with the body’s needs to rest and rejuvenate in order to open to spiritual guidance and dream input. Cleanses the blood and removes toxins
Emotional: Assists one in attuning the physical body with earth, provides for a healthy expression of self confidence, self reliance and self sufficiency.


Jade Lavendar Gem Elixir

Lavender Jade helps in releasing cynicism and suppressed anger, and to embrace an attitude of serene acceptance. Its action balances nerves and soothes cardiac rhythm. Jade is excellent for healing feelings of guilt, and for extreme cases of defeatism. For more about Lavendar Jade:


Kunzite Gem Elixir

Eases the entrance of life force into the physical body by strengthening the etheric, removes obstacles from ones path. Helps one to produce a shield against unwanted energies.
Physical: Balances the cardiovascular system, assists the body in receiving radionic treatments. Promotes the cellular blueprint with the perfect reproduction of the physical form.
Emotional: Opens the heart chakra and promotes the unification of the soul with the heart. 


Labradorite Gem Elixir

Connects one with one’s destiny in the stars. Connects the user with the other worldly energies that reside within the stone.
Physical: Treats disorders of the brain, aids in digestion, reduces anxiety and stress, stimulates mental sharpness.
Emotional: Helps one to advance without constraint. Provides clarity of purpose and insight into ones direction according to the preconceived plans of your higher self.


Lapis Lazuli Gem Elixir

Strengthens the body during spiritual growth and opens one to receive messages from the higher self regarding one’s well being. Opens one to direct contact with the void.
Physical: Releases anxiety and tension. Invigorates the thymus and pituitary glands. Strengthens the immune system and encourages the wisdom to care for the physical body.
Emotional: Increases spiritual and psycho-spiritual experiences, expands awareness and intellectual ability. Encourages success in relationships and opens one to advance in relation to universal wisdom.


Malachite Gem Elixir

Assists one in accepting and allowing for one's shortcomings and proceeding in a manner that is supportive of one's unfoldment. Creates a clear path leading to a desired goal.
Physical: Helps one get in touch with the thought that caused physical disorders, aligns and cleanses the cellular structure. Helps to ease the birth process
Emotional: Inspires healers to give more of themselves while serving the universal good. Promotes loyalty in relationships and responsibility in transactions.


Moldovite Gem Elixir

Moldavite is good for counteracting cynicism and connects even the most world-weary adult with the wonders of the universe. It eases away doubts, even when the cause is unknown, and calms worries about money by providing solutions not previously considered. [Eason, 284]

Carrying or wearing Moldavite in jewelry allows its energies to remain in one's vibrational field throughout the day strengthening its effects and increasing the incidents of beneficial synchronicities in daily life. Because of Moldavite's intense vibration, some may experience light-headedness or a lack of grounding and may need to acclimate themselves gradually to wearing it. [Simmons, 262-263]

Moldavite is a useful stone for star children and sensitive souls who find it difficult being in incarnation on the earth, and who cannot adjust to suffering and deep emotions. Placed on the heart, Moldavite uncovers the reasons and purpose for why one is here, and eases the "homesickness" for those whose origin is not Earth. [Hall, 188-189]

Moldavite works extremely well in combination with other stones, particularly with the crystalline energies of Quartz varieties. It is one of the Synergy Twelve stones, and is ideal for use in making energy tools. Add to wands, headbands, templates, grids and other devices to intensify their effects. [Simmons, 263]

Moldavite is a powerful aid for meditation and dream-work, as well as increasing one's sensitivity to guidance, intuition and telepathy, and the ability to understand messages sent from higher realms. [Simmons, 262-263][Megemont, 126]

Info thanks to:

Onyx Gem Elixir

Encourages good fortune, enhances self-control, stimulates divisiveness.
Physical: Strengthens the center of the skeletal system. Allows for internal support of outer desires.
Emotional: Banishes grief and allows one to separate with grace and ease. Assists one in becoming the orchestrator of one’s future. Helps one to recognize one’s strengths and to utilize them to one’s best interest.


Opal Gem Elixir

Aids in restoring harmony on all levels. Opens one to spontaneity of action and decisions. Helps one to understand forces of mysticism, intuition and shamanism.
Physical: Promotes clarity of sight, helps purify blood, and relieves fatigue. Often times used in childbirth to reduce the effects of pain.
Emotional: Opens one to balance and clarity in the decision making process. Provides faith in oneself and helps one to release old patterns of being and embrace ones true nature.


Rainbow Moonstone Gem Elixir

Being associated with the moon, this stone has always been the stone of love and lovers. It is offered as a "blessing" in Arab countries and encourages fertility. Moonstone is most potent when used in a full moon. Its rainbow properties offer a gentle, calming energy as it strengthen intuition and psychic perception. It enhance creativity and compassion and enlivens inner confidence as it brings balance and harmony into your life. The rainbow effect draws in a spectrum of light, and can help with bringing in uplifting energies to the Aura. It is said to enhance feminine energies. Rainbow moonstone has been said to have the power to grant wishes!


Rose Quartz Gem Elixir

Promotes self-fulfillment and peace, restores balance to the emotions.
Physical: Helps the body to release muscular cramping, useful during one’s menstrual cycle, birthing and after strenuous exercise. Helps the body to absorb magnesium.
Emotional: Brings calmness and clarity to the emotional state and assists one in trusting one’s own truth and decisions.

Ruby Gem Elixir

Preserves the body and improves general health. Stimulates the heart chakra and helps one to reach their most sought after goals.
Physical: Strengthens tissues directly connected with the heart, treats the heart muscle. Helps to reduce fear and assist the body in flushing chemical toxins.
Emotional: Creates balance in spiritual endeavors, brings about a state of stability and confidence and improves ones ability to deflect negativity.

Saphire Gem Elixir

Represents one’s connection with divine mind. Opens the mind to beauty and intuition.
Physical: Stimulates the regeneration of the pituitary gland and the ductless glandular system.
Emotional: Improves communication with spirit guides, promotes clarity and inspiration. Alleviates depression by helping the body correctly regulate the chemicals that affect moods.


Sodalite Gem Elixir

Sometimes referred to as the stone of endurance, this stone helps one to be grounded and focused before beginning any task. It assist one in following through to completion with ease.
Physical: Strengthens the thyroid gland and assists the body in efficient metabolism. It has been used to treat nervous stomach.
Emotional: Assists one in allowing for forthright communication of feelings tempered with compassion for the recipients reaction. It opens one to support and self-esteem building situations while promoting a sense of openness and self confidence in one’s choices.


Sugilite Gem Elixir

Strengthens ones ability to spread love and light in the world. Assists one in getting in touch with ones purpose and to believe in one’s ability to fulfill that agreement.
Physical: Helps one to release negativity that often causes physical diseases. Clears the energy of despair so that healing can take place.
Emotional: Helps one to get in touch with the thought form that causes the physical disorder. Helps one to receive the open channel of information and support from higher self and Spirit.


Super Seven (Melody Stone) Gem Elixir

The perfect stone for those wanting to release old patterns, Super 7 leads you steadfastly to a decision you made long ago. Once there you realize that your life is of your own creation and it can come as a surprise to some when they realize their life was formed around an incident and continues to play out that pattern over and over... Should you be ready to be more of you - this could be the stone to free you!! These stones contain seven different minerals: Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Clear Quartz, Lepidocrocite, Rutile and Smokey quartz.


Tourmaline Crystal Energy(all colors)

This stone comes in every color of the rainbow and each color has a specific frequency that alters the human condition. As a general rule each of the colors correspond to a chakra and affect that energy center of the body.
Clear or White
Corresponding to the crown chakra, it enhances and aligns the other colors and the energy centers of the body. It synthesizes the desire to serve on all levels thereby serving one’s Self.
Activates the throat and the third eye allowing for compassionate and clear communication of universal truths and ideals. It assists one in accessing higher realms and relaying that information.
Pink (Rubellite)
Stimulates the heart chakra and encourages the universality of unconditional love. Promotes loving aspirations to be realized in this reality.
Strengthens the immune system, clearing toxins in an appropriate manner and stimulating healing in the newly cleansed system. It also transforms negativity and generates an aura of opulence that translates to abundant material gain.
Treats the solar plexus allowing for an opening to the desires and a willingness to allow the necessary changes to take place that would allow for the desires to manifest.
Enhances the creativity, and the activity of reproducing on the physical plane that which is already held within the mental.
Grounding, it helps one to maintain their connection to the reality no matter the outward appearance. It awakens the ideas that are needed originally in order to start the creation process.


Guerrilla Business School: Roots Support

Habits & Addictions
Happy Talk
The more precisely we imagine those things we truly desire, the greater our likelyhood of receiving those thing we truly want.

HBOT - plays for 5 minutes
This acts like hyperbaric oxygen therapy. When I use this I feel like my cells are able to receive and process more oxygen. Someone with asthma said they are calmer and breathing better when this is running.

Healthy Relationships
This AAP brings congruence and improved dynamics between you and other people, places and things.

I Am Happening Now
What I desire is coming to me daily. It's really happening (not just a dream for the future)


Ideal Physical Vitality
For accomplishing and being in alignment with one's life's mission in perfect physical health, with abundant energy, being fit and in great shape, at your ideal weight, all reawakening codes installed, activated, and supercharged.

People are reporting feeling: happy, calm, content, clear headed, pain relief, energized, sense of wellbeing, rejuvenated, feels like a waterfall.

Here are the first three steps in this healing set. There are many more steps.

1. Locate in one's akashic records the intended physical defects for this current life.
Check one's etheric blueprint for any deviation from one's akashic records.

2. Sync one's etheric blueprint to match one's akashic records.

3.Check one's akashic records for all physical defects that can be removed with vibrational resonance commands. Replace the defect codes in one's akashic records with optimum physical being.

I Go to School
Independence & Inner Resource Activation

Inner Circle Coaching Intensive: Roots Support

Intuitive Thinking

Kuber, Lord of Wealth
Lord Kubea is the 'treasurer of the gods' and 'king of Yaksha'. He is a true representation of wealth, prosperity and glory. Lord Kubea not only distributes, but also maintains and guards all the treasures of this universe. Hence, he is also known as guardian of wealth.

The alignment vibrations associated with results Lakshmi is noted to bring about. She is known as the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual. Lakshmi also signifies love and grace. While Lakshmi energy is about achieving success it is not for anyone who is lazy or desires wealth for wealth only.

Life Directions Intensive (Mission to Millions): Roots Support

Life of Effotless Ease
Lightbody Ascension
Our lightbody is a complex field of living energy frequencies within and around us.
It's remedial structure is established at conception and grows and changes throughout our life. It grows and changes by the influencing factors of our thoughts, and emotions, both conscious and non-conscious, along with global and universal vibrational shifts and energy healing. To me, this Lightbody Ascension healing feels like a spring cleaning for my Spirit. I feel less physically dense and mentally clearer.
This brings up to optimal the natural lithium frequencies that are diminished due to depleted natural occuring food nutrients
Mahamrityunjaya (maha-mrityun-jaya)
One of the more potent of the ancient Sanskrit mantras. Maha mrityunjaya is a call for enlightenment and is a practice of purifying the karmas of the soul at a deep level.

Making the Stage: Roots Support


Marijuana Mellow
Gives you sweet calm feelings. You do not get high from this. You do not get the munchies. You may find things more humorous than usual.

Master of Influence: Roots Support


Master Your Mind: Roots Support

Meditation Portal

Millionaire Mind Intensive: Roots Support


Mind of Steel, Heart of Gold: Roots Support

Money Blessing
Money that comes to you is clean of other's energy and optimized to serve your highest good

Morning Prayer
I've been saying this simple prayer on and off for years. It always makes my life go more smoothly. The Mp3 somehow makes it deeper reaching.
Motion Sickness Gone
I created this just before my first cruise. It helped me and others.
My Harmonic Life Partner
You will feel much more calm and fulfilled after playing this.
My Trillion Dollars
This taps into the infinite resources of abundance. Aligns you to the principles that are in  "The Abundance Book." Attitude of attracting abundance.

"Even though money hasn't started rolling in yet I'm much less worried about it." ~Joe, Illinois.
Neurotransmitters & Pathways
This checks and corrects you so you are optimized to all your neurotransmitters, neuromodulators, hormones, and circuit boards of each neural pathway.
Neutralize & Integrate
You can use this after you've had healing work done if you feel out of sorts

Never Work Again: Roots Support

OCD Gone
Parasite/Kidney/Liver/Colon Cleanse
Person to Product Harmonizing
Pest Repellent
1. Prevents pests from damaging your property or biting you.
2. Eliminates your worry and concern that pests will cause damage to  your property.
Several clients are saying this is working very well.
Pilates Expert
"I took 4 Pilates classes earlier this year and I am getting the same feeling in my stomach muscle with the Mp3 that I was getting with all those difficult exercises! My stomach is starting to hold itself in automatically when I stand up and my legs are getting some of their shape back – go figure!! " ~ J Richards, San Diego
                                     Suggestion: Play this Mp3 4 or 5 minutes a day
Power of the Lotus
The lotus flower represents spiritual purity in many ancient cultures. Among the numerous benefits of this CD are: clearing the lower bodies of stress, traumas, fear, anxiety, anger and other negative emotions. It clears illnesses and injuries from the genetic blueprints, neutralizes environmental imbalances (feng shui/vastu), blesses us with wealth, prosperity and happiness, and transmits Shaktipat (Divine Energy initiation). Also, we receive transmissions and protection from the Masters, and are guided to Divine Enlightenment. And these are just some of the benefits of Power of the Lotus!
"So gentle yet so powerful. My mental fog has lifted, breathing better, like being given a boquet, like a lotus flower is opening to receive. My taste is clearer too."  ~Theresa Platzer
Product & Service Sales Stampede
Radionics 14000 Frequencies more info...

Below are two forms of Reiki translated into an automatically applied process. Play the optimization set once or once in a while and you receive healing Reiki energy. Continue to play it often and you will become attuned to the master-teacher level.


Reiki Sekhem-Seichim
Auto checks and applies what the person is ready to receive using the Sekhem-Seichim system of Reiki. (I call this the seek 'em - sick 'em method)


Reiki Shamballa Multi-Dimensional Healing
Auto checks and applies what the person is read yto receive using the Shamballa system of Reiki- from simple healing all the way through the Master-Teacher attunement. 608 total symbols.

Release from Mind Control
Self Love
Sleep Well
Spinal Alignment
Stress & Tension Relief
Team Cooperation
Teeth, Gums, Roots 100% Healthy
Time Decrease
I am in the infinite moment.
Toxic Filter Clearing
This is for the energetic toxic filter (like a furnace filter in the aura) and the liver


Train the Trainer: Roots Support

Transform Your Relationship with Money
Truthful to Self & Others

Ultimate Internet Boot Camp: Roots Support


Ultimate Leadership Camp: Roots Support

Vibrational Exerciser
An exerciser that works while you are resting!
Enlivens your cells. Even couch potatoes will benefit and feel more energized. Based on the vibrational exercise plate sweeping the news: 3D version #1 and 3D version #2. Play for 10 minutes 2 to 3 times a week. Best when you rest while it’s playing.
Benita Soloway,86
         Janis Ariazi

Violet Flame +60
Uplifting energy with increased feelings of spiritual connection, intuition and mental clarity. It can help with overall calm and good health, good judgment and a connection with universal energy. Violet is associated with imagination and inspiration. The Violet Flame +60 purifies all negative energy from your body and space. It delivers grace, light and blessing to you so you can become one with Source.


Wealth & Wisdom: Roots Support

Weather/Atmosphere Related Issues

Wizard Training Camp: Roots Support

Work/Play/Motivation Balance
Can be helpful if you are feeling stuck
World-Weary Warriors

Worlds Greatest Marketing Seminar: Roots Support


Yajna's for Wealth
The Maha Mrityunjaya Yajna - tapping into the power associated with Shiva to manifest health and wealth. The Maha Lakshmi Yajna - tapping into the power associated with Lakshmi to manifest wealth


Yoga Mastery
Resonant vibrations for posture, breathing and meditative mastery. It checks to see which yoga style conforms to your interest/is best for you and tunes you to that mastery level.

You Are Too Sweet
For Diabetes and diabetes related symptoms

Your Master Blueprint








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