Does Autism Affect You or A Loved One?

A brilliant man I know is autistic. He had some revelations about the brain’s wiring in regard to autistic symptoms and has been able to control that wiring to his advantage. It’s really amazing.

I found a way to apply that information to help relieve over-sensitivity and over-stimulation, to help bring calm and better focus.

If you, or someone you know is over-sensitive, suffers from over-stimulation, has anxiety or easily panics, has or does not yet have a diagnosis on the autism spectrum schedule a complimentary session with me. I will be able to tell right away if the neurological wiring protocol I’ve developed can help.

Schedule your session here:

The person with autism does not need to be on the phone with me.


I Confess. I’ve Cheated

It’s true. After 28 years of communing with, and feeling love every day, I found myself thinking about, and attracted to, another refrigerator.

After returning home from three months in San Diego, living with a stainless steel French door refrigerator, I found myself starting to think about French door refrigerators. I never intended to get serious. In fact there were things about that French door refrigerator that I didn’t like.

My refrigerator has been the best side-by-side partner, serving me well for all my cold storage needs. The freezer shelves are even wide enough to hold flat a tray or pizza, not tilted as most side-by-sides. And, in all that time I never had to make a service call! I love this refrigerator so much that there have been many times I actually said out loud to it “I love you.”

I felt that if I regularly sent love messages to it, from my heart, that it would stay healthy and be my side-by-side partner for many years. It must have worked. Everyone I talk to is astonished that it’s been working perfectly for 28 years!

But it knew something changed after San Diego. I wasn’t thinking anymore about how much I loved it. Instead I’ve been thinking about moving out of the house that I’ve lived in for 28 years. My lessening love was a crushing blow, the beginning of the end for my side-by-side.

Three days ago it began to show signs of illness. I spoke to it. I confessed that I had cheating thoughts and asked it’s forgiveness. I recited ho’oponopono to it and said I would always be faithful. It rallied for a short time but, alas, it was too late. My side-by-side is terminal.

It is a sad time. On Monday my kitchen love will be disconnected from life support and taken away with the embedded memories from it’s long shared life. Fortunately I will not be left alone. I have a shining new partner moving in Monday afternoon.

In homage to my daughter, Pinocchio will be moved to the new freezer.


Adventures With Smart Meters – Part 3 – Breakthrough!

For three days, after the Electric Company installed Smart Meters in my neighborhood I felt very agitated, like I drank way too much coffee. The only way I could sleep was to cover myself in one of those aluminum emergency blankets as it blocks electromagnetic (EMF) and radio frequencies (RF).

The really interesting thing, that I didn’t realize until smart meters were installed in my neighborhood is that I misunderstood what I was feeling when I was living in San Diego for three months last year. I thought I was agitated and over eating due to being in a new place as well as dealing with a flood 2400 miles away in my Chicago living room. Now I realize it was all smart meter disturbance.

I knew smart meters were coming to my neighborhood and I had been planning for a couple years on what to do. I have a scalar energy bracelet, a shieldite pendant, a brilliant energy transformer card, and some other stuff. I was happy with their positive effect. But after the smart meters were installed none of my strategies worked well enough.

As I sat huddled on the couch wrapped up in my aluminum blanket I wondered if I was ever going to feel peaceful again without having to move to some very remote, off the grid place or spend thousands of dollars buying shielding clothes, faraday cage “mosquito” netting for my bed or special shielding paint for my entire house.

Then I had one of those “duh!” moments. Why don’t I create one of my Timeless Vibrations AAPs for RF and EMF shielding?

Tears come to my eyes just thinking about how peaceful I felt after I tried my new AAP. Even though I’ve made over 150 AAPs I always get surprised when I make a new one and it really works.

I ran it all day, turned it off when i went to sleep and the next afternoon realized I had to keep it running continuously to maintain the high level shielding needed to block out the ever increasing and always present EMF and RF disturbances from cell phone towers, WIFI and cell phones from everyone in the neighborhood, water, electric and gas smart meters, and more.

So, I put together one of my 24/7 programs. This runs from my office and broadcasts the frequencies of the Timeless Vibrations Smart Meter Shield AAP 24/7 giving me protection wherever I am.

Would you like to try it? Actually, let me be blunt – YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!!!!!! You have nothing to lose and alot to gain. Everyone I approached to try this after I first created it said they felt fine and didn’t think smart meters or cell phones or WIFI bothered them. They were all surprised at how much better they felt afterward.

I’m making this really easy for you too – it’s just $1 to try for a full 30 days. click here to enroll


Adventures With Smart Meters – Part 2

Yesterday I went to a breakfast meeting. When I came home and drove into my subdivision the entire subdivision was vibrating. The best way to describe it is that, to me, it looked like what heat waves look like but the movement was a shaking side to side instead of rising up.

I though I was feeling pretty good all day. I was busy with work and wasn’t paying attention to my physical state. However, a friend called in the evening. I was using my cordless phone with a headset, which I usually use and can spend hours on the phone feeling fine. This time was different. I began to feel agitated and my legs felt like they were being pin pricked all over.

I had a similar experience when I was living in San Diego where they have smart meters. This time it was on a new cel phone, with the earbuds that came with the phone. I switched to air tube earbuds and was fine going forward.

I believe I never felt bad using my cordless phone headset before because I wasn’t already nearly overloaded with bombardment from RF frequencies. Now with smart meters active in my neighborhood it’s becoming too much. I’m going to see if I can get an air tube headset for my cordless phone.

Then in the middle of the night I woke up vibrating. I got out my aluminum emergency blanket, covered myself from head to toe, felt calmer and was able to go back to sleep. I had already put a series of Energy Transformer cards up in my bedroom so while they have helped…oh, I wonder if I have to put them under my bed and on the ceiling (they work best when placed facing each other on opposite walls.)


Adventures With Smart Meters – Part 1

Two days ago smart meters were installed on my block. When the installer came to my door I spontaneously started crying so he said he could delay installation at my house because I am working from home and can’t be without power. I do work at home and spend much of my time facing the wall of my meter and my neighbor’s meter too.

I began to feel agitated after her smart meter was installed. I have a grounding (earthing) pad that I moved under my keyboard so now my wrists rest on it all the time. It didn’t help as much as I was hoping. I put on my scalar energy bracelet and placed my Shieldite pendant on the metal base of my iMac (that way it continuously cleans itself of bad energy). That helped somewhat. I finally attached about 6 ft x 3 ft of window screen to my fence covering the direct path of my neighbor’s meter signal to my desk. The window screen stapled to my fence is ugly but better than having to involve my neighbor.

Today I realized the Energy Transformer cards I already have around my house weren’t situated properly in my office. I adjusted them and now I feel really good.

I’ve been working with these Energy Transformer cards for a couple years now to perfect them for smart meter and other signal shielding. This past Spring I stapled prototypes to to my fence in my backyard. That made a huge difference in opening up what felt like a totally claustrophobic space. When I feel I’ve got the spacing and size of the cards right for interior and exterior use I’ll have them available for you all.


Historic 30th Anniversary

machzor_coverToday is the 30th Anniversary of the publication of the very first comprehensive Messianic Jewish High Holiday Machzor (prayer book.) I brought it to life in 1983. It was published in 1986. And, in honor of this, I am releasing a digital version. Even if you are not Jewish this can be used as a powerful meditation. I’ve included hotlinks in a pdf so you can hear what the songs and Hebrew prayers sound like. Free access to this moving collection of 5 services is here:

1. This book is of historical importance as it is the first comprehensive Messianic Jewish High High Holiday prayerbook ever written.

2. This is the first, and only (as far as I know) Messianic Jewish prayerbook written by a woman.

3. The original printed version is out of publication.

4. For our active Military members who are serving overseas and unable to attend formal services, or for anyone who is home bound, hospitalized or in a country fearing public prayer, this can make worship and spiritual meditation accessible.

5. This is my offering and sincere hope you can use this Machzor as a tool to help edit your year’s life book and feel your own connection to Spirit deepen as I did when I was 13.


It’s Never Too Soon To Give An End-Of-Life Goodbye

It’s never too soon to give an End-of-Life goodbye. – Three months ago I gave Joe that kind of goodbye because I thought our connection was over. I felt compelled to say to him what was on my heart – thank you for all the good you brought into my life; I apologize for irritating you; while we don’t get along now I wish you well and look forward to the next lifetime we are together harmoniously.

We wound up continuing to talk but his out-of-context anger grew. So, I had to completely and permanently walk away. Exactly one month later, at only 59, Joe suddenly passed away after a stroke. Because of my prior goodbye to him, and leaving nothing else unsaid I am completely clear and complete.

Yes I am grieving for the loss of the Joe who was gentle and kind and generous. And, I am sad that he was so deeply emotionally tortured that he couldn’t find his way out other than by bursting away from this life. But I will cherish all I learned in this short dance with him, and am forever grateful I understood it’s never too soon to give an End-of-Life goodbye.

Here are some of the energy optimizing Timeless Vibrations AAPs I’ve used to help get through challenging relationship situations.

Healthy Relationships
Feeling Unconditionally Loved



Enjoying the natureName: My Personal First Responder
Weight: 5 pages
Labor time: 20 hours
Gift for you: On the AAPs page 🙂

I’m so excited! I’ve been working on this project for two years!

As you will see, if you go to I found some wonderful software, that I love!,  for the Timeless Vibrations AAPs On-Demand.

Beginning January I’m going to continue my plan to re-introduce each of my 150 APPs free for a week, one APP at a time. Will this be every week? I hope so 🙂 So, watch your email…. If you are not yet subscribed to our mailing list simply send an email to


Do Successful People Have Different DNA?

I have found some of the best mentors for me are those who acknowledge their current struggles as well as the insights that have brought them success. It breaks the illusion that successful people have different “DNA” than the average person; which feeds the false belief that “I can never do what they are doing.” Whether it’s feeling different and alone, productivity struggles, or fears of upsetting people I think it’s helpful to understand everyone has stuff they are going through as well as tremendous strengths and talents.

Ha – that made me think of receiving a gift that comes in one of those nearly impossible to open plastic cases or battery needed things that do not come with the battery. They are great gifts and a pain all at the same time. I imagine there are people who have considered me a gift and a pain all rolled into one. If we realize that every single person on the planet is a gift and a pain rolled into one perhaps our tolerance of those whom we initially see as pain will grow into greater acceptance. And then, we decide to explore more deeply how those people are really a gift.


Take a Sneak Peak Behind the Curtain

wizozYou haven’t heard from me in a while. If you’ve been wondering, I’ve been working on a new project…. And here’s a sneak peak!

In just 10 days I am launching a new series that that is going to change your life so the “song of your soul” will shine through and your life will never be the same again .

It’s strictly a members only program and I know you’ll want to get in on this series from the start.


This time in Earth’s history introduces a new phase of enlightenment, spiritual awareness and a time where ordinary people have an opening to uncover their psychic, intuitive, telepathic ability which has long been buried in their subconscious. It’s a time to get in touch with your passionate purpose and let it shine so others can bask in the glow of the power —-that only you can bring.

AND, in honor of completing our 5th year running the My Shining Life program I am launching a special 10 part series on October 18. You’ll discover that you are at your best when you are the most vulnerable, where you have the courage to be vulnerable. It transforms the way we live, love, parent and lead.

To fill you in, we invite you to join in on a free 4 part video training to launch the new My Shining Life series.

In our 4 part video series you’ll:
1) Learn how to make a conscious choice to change your life for the better
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