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Dr Kam Yuen's View of Truth
What is Truth

an article by Marnie Greenberg

For those of us who have worked closely with Kam, we are well aware that he has a distaste for discussions of a philosophical nature. He has been heard to say time and again, "I'm not interested in talking about it-whatever ' it' might be. I'm interested in getting results."

And that's precisely how Kam differs from so many other teachers and writers. You never hear him spouting suggestions on how to "fix your love life," or advice on "living in the now." Many of us enjoy inspiring dialogues on such issues, and while we often nod our heads in agreement as the perceived truths are presented, the overall effect is that little in our life changes as a result.

Just for fun I asked Kam for his views on the age-old question, "What is truth?" I went on to elaborate, " It's a topic for the newsletter." After his initial response of, "Talk about corrections instead" and my suggestion that the readers might enjoy a philosophical discourse, he pondered for a few minutes and came up with the following:

"I don't believe in truth." Take the results that come up in testing, for example. Remember I neither advocate nor discourage people from accepting or rejecting astrological, past life, ancestral, collective humanity’s, multiple personalities and spirit attachment influences. I remain neutral and do not take a stand either way. I only interpret people’s responses regardless of their beliefs or disbeliefs. Beliefs have nothing to do with the responses of the subconscious. These are influences that come up regularly. Again I am not taking a stand or arguing with anyone about what the truth is. For all I know everything that comes up may be just a cosmic joke, but assuming the limitation of less than “absolute knowledge” as to what reality is, “correcting” what comes up during testing achieves results faster than anything I or anyone else has tried.

One man’s truth is not necessarily the next man’s truth. As you reach different vibration levels, your perception changes and so to do your “perceived truths.” For example, you may receive explanation's in terms of past lives. This concept is helpful in understanding karma, in explaining why specific experiences happen to given individuals and in making corrections, but is it true? I just gave you my answer. At any rate, as you correct yourself in mediation you may experience timelessness and oneness. You cannot reconcile past lives with awareness that “you” don’t exist as a separate individual. And who knows if this experience represents truth or not?

Don’t waste your time searching for truth or expecting to receive “it.” Remain neutral. This is how Yuen energetics evolved. I was never “stuck” with the original method. As I emptied myself, I was able to expand and take the technique to the next level. Who knows where it will go from here. Most importantly, don’t argue with people about what is really true in a given situation. Chances are you don’t have a clue.



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