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Delivering a Baby

3/13/02 10:35:17 AM Resuming "3/13/02"
JH********: and this might be weird
IntoThisMoment: ?
JH********: im pregnant and having contractions
IntoThisMoment: you are not the first person in labor to come in here
IntoThisMoment: I can help to keep you relaxed and check on the baby too
JH********: how so
IntoThisMoment: we are all made up of energy & we are all connected by this universal energy. Our bodies send off signals that can be read by others.
JH********: ok
IntoThisMoment: We use a technique that heals people with the use of energy. It's a non-invasive therapy that taps into and corrects disruptions in your specific energy patterns.
JH********: ok
JH********: i just though u might think im weird lol
IntoThisMoment: no not at all...I was first thinking when you said weird that you thought what I am doing is weird lol
JH******** no no
JH********: i hate the pains
IntoThisMoment: gee, what a surprise lol
IntoThisMoment: are you around your due date?
JH********: i was ok for a while but they kill now
JH********: yes was due friday
IntoThisMoment: have you tried sitting forward in your chair so your knees are way sort of arches your back too?
JH********: no im in a recliner right now
JH********: the pains come every 3 min or so
IntoThisMoment: when I was in labor I found sitting on the front edge of a chair or couch helped allot
JH********: ok
IntoThisMoment: so far front that you're almost falling off the chair..I don' t know if that would help you or not
JH********: ok im trying
JH********: its even hard to type lol
IntoThisMoment: lol, I must be feeling sympathy pains..I'm sitting at the front of my chair now lol
IntoThisMoment: so, you're at home?
JH********: yes
IntoThisMoment: is the midwife there?
JH********: no
JH********: im waiting for her
IntoThisMoment: ah
JH********: and waiting and waiting lol
IntoThisMoment: ok well let me see how you and the baby are doing energetically
JH********: k
IntoThisMoment: your 3rd chakra is weak
JH********: ok?
IntoThisMoment: ok, now it's strong....
IntoThisMoment: 3rd chakra is an energy hub above your waist and below your stomach
JH********: ok
IntoThisMoment: there's a little bit of weakness between you and the working on making that strong
IntoThisMoment: ok that's good now
JH********: k
IntoThisMoment: baby's chakras are all strong and so are all his/her vertebrae
JH********: will the baby come soon?
IntoThisMoment: I'm not very good at getting a time frame but I'd say just from logic that if you're contractions are 3 minutes apart and your past your due date you can expect the baby soon
JH********: i wish the midwife would get here
IntoThisMoment: now don't hold me to this but I'm thinking the baby will come before the midwife gets there - is there anyone with you now????
JH********: no
IntoThisMoment: oh that's nice...have you called anyone else to come?
JH********: omg that's scary
IntoThisMoment: DON'T FREAK!!!!
JH********: i really only wanted the midwife
IntoThisMoment: no partner?
JH********: no
IntoThisMoment: are you in an apartment or house?
JH********: house
IntoThisMoment: is your front door unlocked?
JH********: yes
IntoThisMoment: good
JH********: why
IntoThisMoment: is this your first baby?
JH********: ughh hurts
JH********: yes
IntoThisMoment: I asked about the door so if you have to call the paramedics they can get in without you having to get up
JH********: oh i hope they don't have to come
IntoThisMoment: are you feeling good or sort of sick?
JH********: kinda both
IntoThisMoment: I'm asking because for me, when I stopped feeling "OH this is fun the baby's coming" and began feeling not so good that was when it got into serious labor
JH********: how olds you kids?
IntoThisMoment: 14 and 17
JH********: oh wow
JH********: birth in hospital?
IntoThisMoment: lol, yes you actually can live that long with kids lol
JH********: haha
IntoThisMoment: in the hospital both times, and that was fine with me
JH********: oh wow water
IntoThisMoment: ah, well you're on the way now
JH********: not alot though
JH********: my babies ok though right
IntoThisMoment: well I don't think there really is that much, just a cup or two
IntoThisMoment: of course, your water just broke
JH********: i feel less pain is that from u?
IntoThisMoment: maybe but I know that after the water breaks there can be a let up in pain...
IntoThisMoment: all the pain before was pushing the placenta to break so the baby can come out
JH********: omg its so low
IntoThisMoment: the baby?
IntoThisMoment: did you speak to your midwife or leave a message for her?
JH********: yes
IntoThisMoment: how far away from you is she?
JH********: 2 hrs
IntoThisMoment: holy smokes!!!! and how long ago did you call her?
JH********: about an hr
IntoThisMoment: oh gee!
IntoThisMoment: ok, how are your contractions now?
JH********: very strong
IntoThisMoment: and closer in time...or do you want me to time them?
JH********: up to u
IntoThisMoment: well you tell me when you are having a contraction and I'll check the time
JH********: now
IntoThisMoment: ok
IntoThisMoment: do you have a separate phone line or is this your only line?
JH********: separate
JH********: ok its over
IntoThisMoment: ok good
IntoThisMoment: ok, that lasted about 1 minute
IntoThisMoment: I'm still timing to the beginning of the next one
JH********: ok i think now
IntoThisMoment: oh my. less than 2 minutes apart
JH********: is that ok?
IntoThisMoment: yes that's fine
IntoThisMoment: you're doing great
JH********: soon?
IntoThisMoment: I'd think so but someone needs to do an internal check to see how dilated you are
IntoThisMoment: is another contraction beginning now?
JH********: i was 5 cm on monday
JH********: ya
IntoThisMoment: yeah, you're contractions are around 2 minutes apart now
IntoThisMoment: Monday has nothing to do with now - you are in full labor now
JH********: i want it out
IntoThisMoment: ok, contraction should be ending now
JH********: ya
IntoThisMoment: that was a long contraction
JH********: yes
IntoThisMoment: was is really strong and are you having difficulty sitting here and typing?
JH********: yes
IntoThisMoment: I think you should call 911 and let them know what's going on
JH********: no i don't want them
IntoThisMoment: well if you had to have the baby before the midwife gets there which would you prefer - the paramedics to be there or to do this alone?
JH********: alone
IntoThisMoment: ok
JH********: with u lol
IntoThisMoment: so, you've got no family or friends to be with you..besides me that is lol
JH********: no no one
JH********: omg it wants out
IntoThisMoment: do you have an urge to push????
JH********: ya
IntoThisMoment: DON'T PUSH - YOU HAVE TO CALL 911 NOW ..I"ll stay here with you
JH********: why
IntoThisMoment: because you're baby might come in the next few minutes
JH********: ok i want that
IntoThisMoment: so, you'll call 911?
JH********: no
JH********: im calling midwife
IntoThisMoment: ok
JH********: she will be here in 10 min
IntoThisMoment: oh good
JH********: she said do what my body tells me
IntoThisMoment: ok
JH********: i wanna push
IntoThisMoment: ok well push a little then
JH********: help me with my pain
IntoThisMoment: I am
IntoThisMoment: remember to breathe
JH********: k
JH********: ok
IntoThisMoment: and are you sitting up in the chair or reclining again?
JH********: reclining
IntoThisMoment: on the next one see if sitting up is less painful and then sit which ever way is less painful
JH********: k
JH********: i feel hair
IntoThisMoment: well my dear, this baby is just about ready to come out - I'd say maybe even on the next push
JH********: im not in pain
IntoThisMoment: good
JH********: im scared
IntoThisMoment: it's going well and you'll be ok
IntoThisMoment: if the baby comes out before the midwife gets there you'll have to catch it that's all
IntoThisMoment: you're just like the women in the fields who did it this way
JH********: omg hair
IntoThisMoment: then all you'll have to do is sit back and hold the baby till the midwife gets there, keep it covered and she'll cut the umbilical cord
JH********: ok feel head
IntoThisMoment: you might also have to clear it's nose so it can breathe
JH********: it burns
IntoThisMoment: don't push too hard - that's your skin stretching
JH********: im making a mess
JH********: no pain though
IntoThisMoment: lol, and you're surprised?..don't worry it will all clean up nicely
JH********: heads out
IntoThisMoment: oh this is my first delivery!!!! sooo cool!!!!!
IntoThisMoment: on the next push the rest of the baby will come
JH********: k
JH********: ouch
IntoThisMoment: I'm still doing energetic work on you both
JH********: here it comes
IntoThisMoment: you're gonna name it Moment right ? lol
JH********: oh its a boy i gtg midwife's here
IntoThisMoment: OMG!!!
IntoThisMoment: great
JH********: thank u
JH********: gtg bless
IntoThisMoment: you're quite welcome :)
IntoThisMoment: bye
OnlineHost: "JH******" has left the room.
3/13/02 12:22:21 PM Closing "3/13/02"

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