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Chakra Balancing, Hernia Pain, Blood Sugar Problem

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Spiritual Healing and Ingrained Behavior Patterns

Not Happy Turning 40

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Spiritual Healing/Ingrained Behavior Patterns

Rymans Mom: Hi
IntoThisMoment: Hi :) Pull up a chair and relax. I do Yuen energy healing. Because it's not well known I've set up this room to answer questions and give a sample healing if desired.
Rymans Mom: I do some Reiki......not familiar with Yuen
IntoThisMoment: this has some similarities
IntoThisMoment: but we pinpoint the root cause of the problem
Rymans Mom: Need more of a spiritual healing here....trying to uncover some deeply ingrained behavior patterns
Rymans Mom: so that I can heal
IntoThisMoment: I can help with that
Rymans Mom: I have just run off the man I love because I can't get past this....I keep doing this....I have to put an end to it and heal
IntoThisMoment: want to see if we can accomplish this today?
Rymans Mom: we can try...I am at work...alone but hoping the phone doesn't
Rymans Mom: doesn't ring
Rymans Mom: what do you need me to do?
IntoThisMoment: ok..well I can work on you even if you have to answer the phone
IntoThisMoment: first....
IntoThisMoment: Disclaimer: Yuen Energetics, and IntoThisMoment make no claim of diagnosis, treatment or cures of symptoms, conditions or diseases.
Rymans Mom: I know...this will be a long process...not looking for miracles here
IntoThisMoment: Yuen Energetics may or may not facilitate the healing process. Consult your physician for treatment.
IntoThisMoment: Now, sit back and relax and if you start to feel tingly or warm or lightheaded or tired that is from energy pathways opening up. Let me know if you feel anything.
Rymans Mom: k
IntoThisMoment: this actually might take less time than you think
Rymans Mom: already feeling a tingling
IntoThisMoment: see lol
Rymans Mom: I also have a hypnosis therapy session scheduled for the 8th :)
Rymans Mom: feeling this left side mainly
Rymans Mom: been very disconnected lately
IntoThisMoment: there was a break between left and right side
Rymans Mom: heals of hands and wrists warming
IntoThisMoment: Mom, it's come up that you are "addicted' to problems..will work on that now
Rymans Mom: k
Rymans Mom: <----problem solver...that's me
Rymans Mom: for everyone else anyway
IntoThisMoment: ah
Rymans Mom: my own....I bury
IntoThisMoment: ok, going to fears now
Rymans Mom: k
IntoThisMoment: letting go of old self was weak
IntoThisMoment: not having problems was weak
IntoThisMoment: well let me just clear them instead of telling you all of them
Rymans Mom: lol k
Rymans Mom: too many to list..understand that one
IntoThisMoment: lol
Rymans Mom: wow.....major pull through the palms there
IntoThisMoment: not really but in the time it takes to type one problem I could have cleared several to the infinite level
Rymans Mom: got ya
IntoThisMoment: and Mom, you really are coming up very strong in lots of areas, much more than those who aren't lightworkers
Rymans Mom: more sensitive to the energy.
IntoThisMoment: that and you've already cleared much in yourself
Rymans Mom: been trying to
Rymans Mom: are we doing here?
IntoThisMoment: doin' some past life clearing now
Rymans Mom: not sure what to
IntoThisMoment: if any thoughts come to you let me know, that could be something to focus on'
Rymans Mom: k
Rymans Mom: nothing yet....just flashes of light
IntoThisMoment: that's fine...some of the changes will be very subtle and in a few days you might do "this or that' and think "hmm? are thing different?"
IntoThisMoment: clearing some miasms
Rymans Mom: feeling lighter....less tense....even muscles in the shoulders easing some
Rymans Mom: miasms???
IntoThisMoment: miasms are baggage you bring into this world that don't belong to you
Rymans Mom: its like these flashes of light I see and feel pulsing are releases
Rymans Mom: terrific Med :)
Rymans Mom: does that make sense?
IntoThisMoment: and you thought this was gonna take a long time! lol
Rymans Mom: kind of like viewing things at warp speed
Rymans Mom: LOL
IntoThisMoment: people have different reactions
Rymans Mom: will still take retraining I think. but now maybe I can do this without the auto response...the actual feelings of being physically ill with guilt
IntoThisMoment: understand.....go get the book Excuse Me your Life is Waiting!
IntoThisMoment: will definitely help with though/feeling retraining
Rymans Mom: are you able to see the core of this? or do you just sense the things that are releasing?
Rymans Mom: thanks...will look for that
IntoThisMoment: sometimes I hear words or see pictures other times, mostly, I work in a very nonverbal/subconscious way
Rymans Mom: k ITM.....felt that was the case
Rymans Mom: I think the Hypnosis thing will fill in the blanks on causes for me
Rymans Mom: Felt I was fighting blind
IntoThisMoment: I understand Mom
Rymans Mom: this is terrific....I can honestly feel a difference....feel as if I CAN do this....and not just saying that for once
IntoThisMoment: Mom, angels are now ministering to you as well
Rymans Mom: I thought so...but never approached it that way before
IntoThisMoment: :)
Rymans Mom: {{{{{{{ ITM }}}}}}}}}} Thank you soooo much :)
IntoThisMoment: you're quite welcome Mom :) so nice to meet you

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