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1. Clear all blocks and resistance you have towards the archangels, their function, and your alignment to accept and act on what they are offering you.

2. Update your astral school curriculum so you will receive the training that's necessary for you to fulfill your current life's mission.

3. Update protocols and agreements between you and the archangels.

4. A recommitment ceremony will take place on the higher plains between you and the archangels to:

    a. Revive your enthusiasm for your life's mission.
    b. Set the tone for your life path.
    c. Proclaim the date of your recommitment to all other     celestial helpers.

$150 each FOR A LIMITED TIME $75. Discount show in checkout.

These remote sessions begin when your order is received and take 4 days to complete. I will send you an email confirming the activation has begun.

Most people can integrate up to 5 Archangel Assistance Activations at one time. Use this first button to order several activations at one time for a quantity discount. (Please add the names of additional archangels on your payment page. There is a customer message box, near the bottom of the page.)




Gabriel Haniel Jophiel
Metatron Michael Raphael
Raguel Raziel Sandalphon
Uriel Zadkiel Saint Germain

Descriptions of Archangels are Below

"The Archangel Chamuel Assistance Activation I received was subtle. I didn't experience any tingling or weird dreams. Before it was like 100 people were taking in my head all at once. Now there is silence. I'm alone in my head so I can think more clearly. It is easier to concentrate and comprehend."
                                                               Joe, Peoria, Illinois



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Archangel Ariel

"Lion of God" Mighty protector, vigilant and determined to clear your path of all obstacles that would block or hinder you from fulfilling your life's purpose, especially for community and global service. 150.00 $75

Archangel Azrael

"Whom God Helps" Trust. What is, is. An understanding in your being of "I AM" will help you to comprehend and accept things around you that don't necessarily make sense. 150.00 $75

Archangel Chamuel

"He Who Sees God" Great to help a scattered mind focus with clarity and determination. Chamuel also assists with intuition awareness.150.00 $75

Archangel Gabriel

"God is my Strength" A sparkling overseer Gabriel is the strength that goes before you guiding your path. 150.00 $75

Archangel Haniel

"Glory of God" Helps you to experience work as fun. Gives support and encouragement for a new way of thinking about challenges. 150.00 $75

Archangel Jophiel

"Beauty of God" Assists with all aspects of visual resonance - the arts, feng shui. Helps bring you to a place of stillness through fully accepting and experiencing your surroundings. Helps to bring you out of feeling like you are in the midst of crisis and brings you into a place of trust. 150.00 $75

Archangel Metatron

"The Throne Beside the Throne of God" Beyond words is Metatron's assistance to you. Be in awe. 150.00 $75

Archangel Michael

"He Who is Like God" Michael gives you strength in the midst of worry and fear. Compassionate and unconditional love are the hallmarks of Archangel Michael. 150.00 $75

Archangel Raphael

"Whom God Heals" Brings assistance and joy to the healing process for both the healer and those in need of healing. In particular, guides the hands of surgeons. 150.00 $75

Archangel Raguel

"Friend of God" Raguel will befriend you in your deepest hour of need. Raguel understands your pain and will stay by your side so you know you are not alone. 150.00 $75

Archangel Raziel

"Secrets of God" Places information in your intuition for everyday use to guide you on your life's path. 150.00 $75

Archangel Sandalphon

Speak your truth openly, in a way that benefits everyone. Trust you capabilities and inner guidance. 150.00 $75

Archangel Uriel

"The Light of God" Establishes pathways that illuminate ideas for your life's mission, usually one step at a time. Trust and all will be well. 150.00 $75

Archangel Zadkiel

"Mercy of God" Emotional protection and support. Focus is primarily for the heart chakra to expand its influence for emotional/logic balance in decision making. Zadkiel does so much more but it all revolves around compassion. 150.00 $75

Saint Germain

While Saint Germain is not an archangel his impact on healing and community is compelling enough to place him in this group of assistance activations. Compassion is a key component to his work with you. Reframing the way you think about healing and what is possible are infused with violet flame healing. 150.00 $75

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