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Are you prepared to start your first steps toward full radiant health, inner peace, joy and abundance? There is magic to building momentum by devoting 60 minutes each month to focus on and embrace your highest priorities.

You will immediately feel your life shifting in a direction of abundance and fulfillment as you spend one-on-one personal time with master healer, Barbara Robins. You will also experience the profound changes that take place within your life with distance healing. A more precise and deeper reaching process, Barbara's unique distance energy optimizations pinpoint the source of your problems, quickly opening you and your life to new and boundless possibilities.

These are your first steps that build momentum toward who you endeavor and dream to be. With Barbara by your side, you're not alone as you embark on this, your most important journey.

What You Will Receive:

• 60 minutes of optimization sessions each month for
  3 months with master healer Barbara Robins. This     can be one 60 minute session or two 30 minute   sessions.

• 3 Timeless Vibrations Mp3s

•monthly recurring charge on the original charge date.
Credit only for unused session time.

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