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Would you like to:

check Achieve your highest potential?

check Be understood and appreciated for who you really are?

check Be recognized for the significance you bring to the world?

The Healing is Fun system utilizes a unique, advanced vibrational resonance technology for the high performance transformation you are longing for. By deleting the underlying, unseen obstacles to success and satisfaction you will sing the song of your soul.

If you are ready to break through negative patterns to reach those higher states of productivity and excellence that you thirst for, these sessions are for you!

NOTE: Regular sessions prevent or minimize crisis events, keep your vibration high and, bring it higher.


A) Live One-On-One Time
with Master Healer, Barbara Robins.

This is how I took a young athlete from intense physical and emotional distress to winning her first Olympic Gold Medal in just seven weeks.

Using a precise and deep reaching process, Barbara's unique distance energy optimizations pinpoint the source of your problems, quickly, opening you and your life to new and boundless possibilities.

Whether spending 30 minutes or 40 hours together your sessions are tailored to your specific needs. Fun and casual, these Healing with No Homework sessions are also profoundly powerful. 97% of Barbara's clients experience noticeable improvement within minutes.

$175.00 for 30 minute
$5.83 per minute

~ New Client Agreement





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Q60+ Session
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Archangel Assistance
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Shamanic Animal Medicine


B) Auto-Barbara Session

"I've had plenty of wonderful experiences with Auto-Barbara.  I usually can feel Auto-Barbara stronger than a 'normal' healer.   I find Auto-Barbara to be a gentle tingling in my spine.  "She" has helped me immensely and somehow I trust "her" to know exactly what to do.  My experiences with her have been great and I highly recommend using her!"
                          ~ J. Somos  Walnut Creek, CA

"WOWWWWW! That was amazing! I could tell you were sending me healing before I saw the email & apparently you were! I am surprised at how much more "alive' I feel now after the auto-barbara session."
                            ~Jen D. , Virginia

In 2005 I was told by some Other Dimensional guides/helpers that I could make a recorded version of my live session, on the same principle as that of another of my other recorded sessions, the Q60+. I said "Really?" and they said that they had been studying me/the way I work for some time and were able to write a "computer" program for my work.

I made the recording and tested it on some people. First, I did a blind test on a regular client who thought I was doing a live remote session but in a slightly different way than usual. He reported the session was as good as the way I usually work. Another person, who knew they were receivng an Auto-Barbara session reported some physical signs of clearing while Auto-Barbara was running. He also reported that Auto-Barbara did not hold the biases that can form when knowing someone. So, Auto Barbara works efficiently, without the editorial mind getting in the way.

Since its creation Auto-Barbara sessions have been so successful some of my clients request it by name. I am now pleased to offer Auto-Barbara Sessions to you on-demand via this streaming video, below. Simply click on the play button below for length of session options." Enjoy the energy!


Auto-Barbara Session Access

Before starting the session set your intention on who the session is for and what specific issue you would like to focus on.

You will receive the optimizations even if you are away from your device.



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